Protection is Your Right, Today

In 2020-2021, we have delivered millions of masks to our consumers. When it became clear that masks are here to stay for the long term, we intensified our research to develop and deliver that perfect reusable mask that promises superior levels of safety, security, and comfort.

Uncomportable Mask

The existing masks offered just enough protection, in return of poor breathability. But sacrificing comfort over protection shouldn’t be allowed in modern days when there are countless ways to improvise in order to satisfy all aspects when it comes to life necessities.

Everyday with your mask

We wear masks for more than 10 hours a day, at work, out buying food, and public transport in public places. Therefore, long-term wearing comfort is an essential lead to any mask designs. Mask that offers discomforts like skin irritation, minimal breathability, and pressure to your face will limit your abilities and potential in the everyday routine.

Finally, after thousands of engineering hours and using the newest & innovative technologies, we put together the ultimate solution:

The One Mask to Rule Them All, Cloud All Day Airflow Mask

Made up of multiple layers of high-tech infused, Nano-Filtration materials, the Cloud Air Flow Masks are capable of filtering out particles down to 0.4-micron size with efficiency of over 97.1%, but yet not compromising the superior breathability.  

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